Welcome PartylikeChewy Family members and future squad mates! We’ve created this website to bring the Party Family closer and to show the Star Wars Commander community which squad they should be joining.

This site is for the benefit of all SWC Rebel commanders and we hope you will all benefit from the experience and advice of some of the game’s most successful and experienced players. Even more advice can be found in our GroupMe chats, but you’ll just have to join our squads for that kind of access.


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. As Leader of one of your adversaries, Dark~Brigade, I congratulate the PLC Family for their fun and combative approach to the game, long may our squads continue to battle each other……..


  2. Solid work you guys have done to make this game more fun and enjoyable. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing you guys around in the chat rooms!


  3. Hello all! Is KyloJuan from Q-Wrath! Want to Talk with Bigike! Good player who attacked me three times! I want a feedback from him and why not a revenge! 🙂

    Best regards and enjoy kicking us! LoL



  4. Hello, I used to be a member of PLC a long long time ago…. (when there was only one PLC squad :-)) I just started a new base and made a request to join PartyLikeAckbar… Would be glad to join back. See you. Jeronimo


  5. Seen you guys before, y’all are great! I am part of the squad “jumpinglightsab”. And probably never going to part. Just wanted to say, keep it up!


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