Strategy Thoughts on Winning Conflict Events

by Valodin


This is mainly geared at some of our up-and-coming Partylike Family members, but maybe it will provoke some ideas from the more seasoned partiers as well. As always, I welcome feedback, constructive or otherwise.




For better or worse, conflicts have become the only way to get upgrades for some of the units, so if you want Johar Kessen,


Johhar Kessen

A-Wing, HWK-290, Vanguard, or Resource Chicken (AT-RT), you will need to win some conflicts.



Once the conflict starts, any offensive win on-planet will enroll you in the competition. Thereafter, any on-planet wins or losses on either offense or defense will affect your event points. However, if you have yet to be offensive (and become enrolled in the conflict), defensive wins or losses will not affect your event points (they will remain at zero).

Event Points

Event points are like medals, but you get about 20x as many event points as medals. You only win/lose event points for battles on the conflict planet. Until you initiate an offensive battle, you will not get any event points.


In real-time, throughout the conflict, the game is reordering all enrolled players by event points. The divisions are split by percentiles in a logarithmic fashion (meaning the low tiers are LARGE and the highest tiers are small). At any point in time, you can see your current percentile as well as the league you are currently in (top center of your screen).


Planet – Percentile – League

Each league gives a tiny bonus of credits/alloy/contra for an offensive win on-planet (“Reward per Victory”), during the conflict. This might help beginning players, but its minute compared to the cost of a level 8+ army, so really all you care about is the league you are in when the conflict ends. You will get a more sizeable payout listed in the division charts as “Conflict Prize”.


Rewards for each League showing both Rewards Per Victory as well as Conflict Prize


The lower leagues will usually give Conflict Prizes of resources. At 30% and higher you will often see the prize being a certain number of military units. If you win these, they will be stored in your HQ inventory. Clicking on them there will instantly create them for zero resource cost if you have space in your troop carriers/starship/hero command. They are usually mid-level.
These prizes will only allow a finite number to be created, whereas, if you win an upgrade prize, you can actually produce the units in the appropriate factory.

Sizeable Commitment

Depending on the ferocity of the competition, the winning line will be at least 20,000 event points, and probably closer to 25 or 30 thousand. It lasts for four days as well.

Crude Math

Roughly speaking, you should be able to get ~500 evtpts for a 3*, ~300 evtpts for a 2*, and ~50 evtpts for a 1*. So if we figure you need at least 25k evtpts, that means at least 50 3* wins. If you are averaging one attack per 20minutes (un crystalled squad center request time), that means you are gonna need at least 17 hours of gaming. Clearly, there is a lot more variance because of defensive wins/losses, crystal acceleration, botched runs, etc, but at least it should get you thinking about the factors at play.

Plan Ahead

If you want the upgrades, you need to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming conflicts and get ready. You need:

  1. planet access — may require upgrades to your Planetary Command
  2. research lab — by the end of the conflict, your lab must be at least as high as the post-upgrade unit level otherwise you will not see the upgrade as a possible prize. Instead, you will receive some crystal.
  3. deka/deko — these help immensely on offensive cleanup and defense


    Droidekas are invaluable on mop-up duty

  4. droids — to repair the deks
  5. air/hero — best not to be mid-upgrade on any offensive bldgs.
  6. LOTS of donations — let you squadmates know you plan to push for UC in the conflict and you are hoping for their support. Ideally, they are as well so you can keep each others’ SCs full. (If you are in a squad that doesn’t donate effectively or prolifically, consider joining one of the Partylike Squads)
  7. time — you need the time to earn the evtpts. You also probably want some game time near the event end-time to ensure victory. The last thing you want is to have work or family events right at that critical ending hour.

In-Event Strategy

Be Picky

Do not attack unless you are pretty sure you will 3* the base. Keep next-ing until you get one you like. Disregard the resource rewards — don’t be lured in by large available RSS, you should get plenty of these anyway over your 50-victory run.

Use Overwhelming Force

Plant the flag (use your squad center) every attack.


Your squad center quickly provides upwards of 30% more troops on offense

This should be your fastest replenishing force multiplier.
Try not to lose your deks; they are phenomenal on mop-up duty and often are the difference between 96% and 100%, so don’t deploy them too early.

Eschew the Pyrrhic Victory

If a battle goes horribly wrong, take the loss. Do NOT throw your deks and all your air in to salvage a 1*. It will take you hours to rebuild them versus probably being able to regain your evtpts in 20-minutes after your next battle. The difference between a loss and a 1* is about the same as a 2* or the difference between a 2* and a 3*. So keep your cool, take the loss, and go get a win next time.

Get Ahead Early

It’s mathematically possible to start an event on the last day and win, but its hard and its emotionally draining. I much prefer to get ahead early and stay ahead (or at least within reach) the whole time. If you can get right up into UC early, you will find it much easier to remain there than trying to play catch up.

Am I Safe?

Once you are firmly in UC, you should be able to watch the rate your score is dropping. Bear in mind this rate will change a lot based on the time till closing and your distance from the 2% line. You can also do some math and scan the ranking charts to get as little more clarity on how many 3* wins you are from falling out of UC.
One tactic some people use is to go off-world to take the defensive loss that won’t cost evtpts. This makes me really nervous because then if you’ve miscalculated the burn rate, you will have to crystal to get back on-planet and quickly battle back.

Have Fun

If it turns out to be way over-subscribed and is looking like a 50k UC and you aren’t up for that, cash out. There will be another upgrade conflict in a couple of weeks. You’ve probably earned a bunch more medals. You probably have a hunk of resources to keep your droids busy with. And you will get some trophy units for your HQ.
Remember, this is only a game… and it’s supposed to be fun, not life-destroying.

Good Luck!
Hope this helps,


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