How Much Is That Deko in the Window?


By Valodin & Edoewok


A defender’s Droideka (‘deka’) and Droideka Oppressor (‘deko’) can really spoil your attack.  There is a huge range in their firepower and shields based on level, so it is important to quickly be able to identify the level of each during your 30 second glimpse at a base.

Fortunately, there are visual cues that change every ten levels.  The goal of this article is to help you memorize some of those cues to help speed up your recognition skills.  There are two views of each along with a textual description of the salient visual cues to look for.


  • Deka lvl 1-9

    Head is not round. The building is simplified and triangular.

  • Deka lvl 10-19

    Arms (guns) are “palms up”. Head is rounded out. Building looks more hexagonal.

  • Deka lvl 20-29


    Arms (guns) are up and down. There are 2 guns for each arm. Building has extra purple pieces. And outer piece looks different.

  • Deka lvl 30-39

    Arms have an extra silver piece on the outside. Grooves in head look extra deep. Building looks the same.

  • Deka lvl 40

    The silverback.


  • Deko lvl 1-9


    Skinniest Head. 1 eye only. Weakest looking guns. Building is the most simplified.

  • Deko lvl 10-19


    Head is a bit wider. There is a “hood” over the eye. The gun’s grey piece is a bit longer and has 2 purple spots. The most telling feature is the building has 2 extra supports on either side.

  • Deko lvl 20-29

    3 eyes. Has shoulder pads. Building supports look a little different.

  • Deko lvl 30-39


    Head is wider still. Has 4 eyes. Bigger shoulder pads and bigger guns.

  • Deko lvl 40

    The double hump.

Level 50

Now that the new update has come out with level 50 of each, we are eager to add new photos. If you can grab screen shots, please private message me here.

Happy hunting!
-Val & Edo


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