Focusing on Donation Ratio is the Road to Ruin for a Squad

By Valodin

Road to Ruin

Where is your squad’s donation policy leading you?

I often hear well-meaning people advocate for their squad members to try to maintain a positive or balanced donation ratio. Here is why I think this is a horrible idea.

Donation Ratio

First off, let’s define the donation ratio as your Troops Donated divided by your Troops Received. If this is above 1, then you are donating more than you are receiving. If this is below 1, you are receiving more than donating. So, at first blush, it seems like ideally you would want all your squad to be at parity or above.

Meaningless Numbers


The game treats these as equal donations. I know which one I would rather have.

What are those numbers actually measuring? They go up by one for each troop you give/receive regardless of Unit Capacity. So donating a Juggernaut counts 1 and donating a Rebel Soldier counts 1. Clearly, most people would say those are NOT equal.  Also, the donation numbers are a zero sum game unless you have departures from the squad.  Any players with positive ratios will means that someone in the squad has an offsetting negative ratio.

What Are People Doing with the Donations?

Ideally, people are taking their donated troops and converting them into either offensive or defensive wins, which means increased medal count for your squad.  This is a good thing for the squad.  So should you really be worried about a player who has received a lot of troops and converted those into medals?  No.

Donation Stagnation

The part people often forget is that you need open requests in order for people to donate. So if your squad members are worried about their “troops received” numbers going up, they will be less inclined to request troops. This means your benevolent squad members have no one to donate to, and your overall squad donation numbers will decrease. This, in turn, will probably mean a decrease in medal output by your squad.

Fire Up the Furnace


Like an Arc Furnace melting donated troops into medals

You want your squad to be a furnace that turns troops into medals. Donations add more than 30% troop power to an attack, thus increasing your chances of a 3-star win. If troops are readily available, your squad members will have fewer reservations about dropping the flag on every attack. This also creates a wonderful feedback loop because empty squad centers provide a place for people to request donations which, in turn, gives donators a place to send their troops.

Better Policy Ideas



You need a policy that encourages donations and efficient use of those donations. Here in the PartylikeChewy family we try to do that with our Wookiee of the Week award. The formula is ∆medals + 4x ∆(donated troops). Notably absent is anything about troops received (that’s the road to ruin, remember?). You could tweak the coefficients on the two numbers, but these basically value a full-load donation roughly the same as a 2-star victory.

If your squad has a similar policy, please share. I would love to hear how others are dealing with this issue in their Squads.

Party till the donations stop flowing,


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