Squad Rules

  1. Donation Etiquette: The Party Family prides itself in having more donations than any other squad. We donate like crazy! It’s also important to have order so that requestscan be filled accurately and efficiently.
    • Donate what is requested. Nothing more or different. Feel free to ask if they want something more or different, but don’t assume to know what they really want.
    • The best way to not be topped off with rebs is by saying “only” at the end of your request, as in “6 heavies only”.
    • If you are making something for a specific request that you don’t normally use on attacks, call it out in chat. “Building 2 skiffs for Luke” “Donating 1 hailfire 1 sharp for Dave. He still needs 1 sharp and 1 med”. Communication is important so that resources aren’t wasted. If there is confusion about a donation, it’s mostly due to a glitch with the chat. Don’t assume a squad member stole your donation.
    • Watch for posts calling out donations being made. If someone calls dibs on making an item, respect it and wait for the next donation request.
    • If someone requests the default “Please Send Troops”, it is courteous to donate something useful, like heavies, sharps, and rebs.
  2. Guide Lines on Posting on the Forums:
    • Post things you have found and developed like:
      • base designs
      • deployment strategies
      • glitches that you found that you think need to be made known to all users.
    • Do not post other squad members’ bases or deployments without first getting their permission to share on the forum.

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