Handy Guide To GroupMe App

by Valodin


We love the in-game chat feature, but with only a 50 message window, no permanence, and no attachments it is really not practical for whole-squad communication.  When you start talking about communication across multiple Squads, then you definitely are beyond the capabilities of the in-game chat.

To solve these problems we use GroupMe.

Why not X or Y?

We know there are other messaging apps out there.  GroupMe seems to serve our needs well.  Moving hundreds of users would be a giant pain in the buttocks, so there is huge inertia to stay with the platform we are on.
But if you can make a compelling argument, please let us know.

Link Room

The easiest way to join GroupMe and wind up in a PLFamily chat room is to click this link.
After you sign up, you will end up in the “Link Room”.  Think of it like an airlock where we can screen the outsiders.  If you pass muster, your squad leader can pull you into the other chat rooms.
As soon as you arrive, follow these instructions (Android/IOS) to change your alias before you get added to other chat rooms.
Then alert your squad officers to your presence in the link room and they will add you to other rooms.

Signing Up

If you cannot use the link room above, you can go to the GroupMe site and directly sign up.  Or you can give your email address to one of your squad officers and they can send you an invite to one of the rooms.  But by far, the easiest way is to use the link to the link room.

Foreign Cell Companies

Here is a list of all the cell companies that support GroupMe.
If your provider is not on there, fear not, you can still access GroupMe via the web browser.

Web Browser

You can also use GroupMe in a web browser.  After you have signed up on the GroupMe web site, you can go to https://web.groupme.com/chats

Here Are Some Common Actions You Might Want To Do


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