Gamorrean Assault – Mini-campaign 


We have a mini-campaign that has started for most players. It’s different from a typical campaign in that there are fewer missions, less time to complete them, and the event points only give you one-time use  Gamorrean Warriors.

  Just like with the banthas, the devs are putting out a special event in the hopes that more people will want to use the Gamorrean Warrior once they’ve had a taste of it. The only reason someone should play this campaign is if they want to take the “pig warriors” for a spin. So far, they haven’t impressed me much.  

I’m going to give a quick run-through of the levels for those who do want to play it. The first mission is defense, and it’s an easy one at that. It was a couple Gamorrean Warriors, a few speeders, and what I think were Twileks but they were wiped out by traps before they did anything. In all, only 5% damage was done to my base.  

Mission 2 is a challenge mission, where the troops are provided to you. 

  You are given some Gamorrean Warriors and a couple dozen Rebel soldiers. Since you don’t have meds to heal, be sure to have the soldiers avoid the mortars until the warriors take them out. 

I was able to get 100% by having half the warriors attack from the south and the other half on the northeast side. Start having about half your regs work on the buildings in the northwest. One the mortars are taken out, deploy your remaining regs on the south end. Be sure to bunch them together so they take out turrets quickly. Spread out regs get picked off quickly. 

  Mission 3 is another challenge mission. 

 I was unable to 3-star this base. I had the best results when I focused half of my troops on the southeast, once again having the regs avoid the mortars. You have several “chickens” to help knock out the shields. Their AI is weird and they never wanted to hit the shields from where I deployed them. Deploy your banthas and regs on the northwest side, again with them all bunched together to cause damage efficiently. The best I did was 87%.

 Mission 4 is a regular attack mission, but your given a couple Gamorrean warriors to help attack. It can be repeated 25 times, so feel free to try different strategies. I didn’t want to waste credits on it, so I only tried it once.