The Firing Squad – Revisited

Back in April, Shadowlight (of 1st Battalion), shared some great tips for using the firing squad. This time around, Logo, our resident firing squad expert, shares some additional guidance.

Bases to Avoid

You should avoid split bases and bases that have scattered wall segments that force you to drop far away. Sharps like to shoot walls too much.

Bases with lots of mortars and sonics should be avoided at times because they can take out med droids and negate the advantage of distance than sharps give you.

Also avoid bases with an active Deka next to the SC. But also, don’t be afraid of any level of Deka. Seven level 9 sharps with 2 med droids and Kessen will kill a level 40 Deka without losing 1 sharp.

Bases to Target

Kong Harris I from Darkness Rising

Kong Harris I from Darkness Rising

Kong Harris I’s base is an example of a great base to attack. I 3 starred him easily yesterday. First, he was upgrading Deka, but even if it was active, all you do is take a z95 to the wall and drop a reg to trip it. Drop a reg to the southwest side to lure and drop sharps to kill it.

I dropped all sharps on the southwest side of the base. They take down front 2 shields. Then I dropped the jugg on the northeast side to take out the back 2 shields. I dropped 2 regs first to get the sonics to fire, and then dropped the jugg.

Watch Out for Traps and the SC

Two Achilles heels for the firing squad are traps, especially IDT traps, and the SC. Sharps target infantry first, and if you trip an SC and infantry comes out, the sharps go straight for them. That’s why I drop a vanguard first to clear the road of traps.

The timing of dropping the jugg takes practice. You want the jugg to be able to drop the back shield at almost the same time or just after the sharps drop the front shield so you can X-wing the SC.

The position of the SC is also important. If the SC is outside of the shield, then trip it and lure the SC troops to where you want to drop sharps and use HWK, or just X-wing in the first place. Most squad centers are under sheilds, so the best place to drop the jugg is in the middle of the base or toward the backside of the base (backside from where you attack from).

Looking at Kong’s base, if I didn’t get the back shields down, and the jugg was destroyed, the sharps would eventually trip the SC after 2 front sheilds were down. So any infantry would have to come out into the open to attack. Sharps will take care of them or use the HWK.

Lots of Imps are surrounding their IDT traps with walls which gives away their position. Always try to look for and avoid that.

Sith Goddess from Vaders Marines

Sith Goddess from Vaders Marines

This is Sith Goddess’s base, and it’s tough. I’ve attacked her 3 times and I’ve won twice. The wins were 75% and 73%. The loss was 45%. I lost because I had no B-wings. Her Deka is level 40, but not a threat. I take a z95 to the walls and use a pathfinder to trip the Deka and lure it to the northwest side and kill it. She has a lot more traps on the northeast side near her 3 credit vaults. She expects to be attacked there.

What makes her base tough is her shields are very close together and she has a cluster of 4 level 9 sonics. Sharps will take some time to get 2 shields down and sonics will do plenty of damage to droids. Once shields are down you need to B-wing the cluster.

I drop 2 regs on the southeast side, away from the SC, to get sonics to fire, and then drop the jugg. I usually get 1 shield down and not the other. Her SC is full of spiders, which sharps will take out.

Firing Squad Load Out

Kessen, 7 sharps, 4 meds, 1 pathfinder, 1 vanguard, and 1 jugg. My SC (which I use on offense) has 4 sharps and 1 vanguard. That’s for a level 9 SC and all level 9 Unit Transports. Only having 7 sharps can be tough against level 9 bases. The 4 extra sharps from the SC is almost a necessity.


One thought on “The Firing Squad – Revisited

  1. I have an Imperial Squad, and a Rebel Squad. My Imperial account is Zebra, from Darkness Rising. It has now benefited from your page. Thank you.


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