Chapter 11 The Battle for Tatooine: Mission 9

Chapter 11 Mission 9a

Mission is just plain tough. It’s such a large base that I had to piece together (a little awkwardly) 3 different screenshots to show the whole thing.

Chapter 11 Mission 9

So sorry that it doesn’t look quite right, but it’s the best I could do. My biggest challenge here was the mortars and the group of 3 rapid fire turrets. Each time I attempted this mission, the mortars and rapid fire turrets kept taking out my med droids so quickly.

My first attempt used my normal load out (6 heavies, 4 meds, 3 sharps, 2 hails, 1 Wookiee, 1 pathfinder, and 7 regs). I started from the east side, next to the two exposed rockets.

Mission 9 First Attempt

Mission 9 First Attempt

The result was that my troops split up with half going north and the rest heading to the southwest.

Chapter 11 Mission 9f

On my subsequent attempts, I had more luck if I started from the northwest. I changed my loadout to favor heavies, meds, and 2 Wookiees. My strategy was to have two groups of a Wookiee, half the heavies and half the meds start from the west corner and the north corner, and converge toward the 3 rapid fire turrets. Once the rapid fires were engaged with either group, I’d deploy my hailfire to go after the rapid fires. That proved fairly successful, but the base was too large and the turrets too powerful. The mortars just kept taking out the med droids. On my final attempt, I used this same strategy, but I used 5 X-wings to take out the 4 mortar turrets and damage a couple of the rapid fire turrets. I had the best result, but still fell short with 92%.

Mission 9 Fourth Attempt

Mission 9 Fourth Attempt

Chapter 11 Mission 9h

After spending about 150,000 credits on the loadouts and X-wings, I decided to quit this level. You move onto level 10 even with 1 star, and I was just going for 3 stars to show you how to do it and to get the crystals. But it’s only 30 crystals! It’s just not worth it to me.

Perhaps if my Wookiees and meds were level 8, then I could do it. I might try it down the road, like when they release level 9.


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