Chapter 11 The Battle for Tatooine: Mission 7

Chapter 11 Mission 7a

Mission 7 is another attack level and the difficulty definitely went up a notch from Mission 4. It took me two tries to get 3 stars on this one.

Chapter 11 Mission 7b

On my first attempt, I attacked from the southeast, in an attempt to get the tough part out of the way early. The problem with that is there are a number of TIE traps hidden in between the wall pieces on that southeastern side. On the image below, the red X marks the traps I tripped, although I bet that whole wall border is lined with them. Those first traps totally decimated my heavies right off the bat. I think I still managed to get 2 stars, but it wasn’t pretty.

Chapter 11 Mission 7c

You should note, on my second attack I found another trap next to the rocket turret on the southwest side. It’s hard to avoid if you’ve dropped all your troops, but I’d save a reg to trip it once you get that shield down. On my second attack, I started from the northwestern side where the 2 rapid fire turrets are. It went much better than the first time.

Also, this is where the hero they give you really became a big asset. With the large base, the hero’s range with his sniper rifle was so helpful. He also seems to have a lot of health, similar to Han, and he lasted a long time, even without a med droid attached to him.

Chapter 11 Mission 7f


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