Chapter 11 The Battle for Tatooine: Mission 5

Chapter 11 Mission 5a

Mission 5 is the first, and I believe only, defensive mission in this Chapter. All of the vehicles in this attack are level 5. The challenging part is that there are a lot more of them than any normal player could throw at you. The whole load out has a unit capacity of 256 units, which is more than twice what you’d normally face.

The attack comes in 2 waves.

Chapter 11 Mission 5b

The first wave is by 16 AT-ST Walkers and the Veteran AT-ST Walker.

Chapter 11 Mission 5c

The second wave is by two 2-M Hover Tanks, which are accompanied by 5 Repair Droids, and the 7 MTV-7s are trying to clean up your resource buildings. Don’t worry. You can’t lose any resources in this battle.

Chapter 11 Mission 5e

One important note is that even though more than 50% of my base was destroyed, I still got 3 stars. Perhaps you only lose this one if your HQ is destroyed. I wouldn’t bother using your airstrikes to win this one. You can always repeat it without losing any resources except for the traps that are destroyed.

The reward is an easily earned 8000 credits and alloy.


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