Luke is a beast! Attacking with Luke – 3/2015

Luke is a beast!!!  There are certain things in this game that are game changers.  The squad center (SC) is a game changer.  Getting Hails.  game changer.  But, luke is right on the same level as the SC in terms of importance, I think.  I’ve also only been using him for a little bit, but already I think he is awesome.  Don’t believe me?  See comments by Sith Dragon on the forums:

Now, the tough thing about luke is knowing when to deploy him and also when to use his lightsaber.  I’ll talk about what I’ve learned so far.  I may update later, as I think I’ve only seen some of the different ways to use him.

Luke’s main advantage is defeating burst turrets or deflecting anything shooting a laser (i.e. sharp, ATAT, rapid fire turret).  Also, the rate that medic droids heal him is amazing.  I’m not sure what it is, but if you have a med attached to Luke, game over for the imp.  Therefore, given this advantage, Luke is a must on burst farms.  Kessen/sharp combo will work too if you have him leveled up.  But, Luke is also awesome, and I think gives an even better chance at 3 starring.  Even if it’s not a burst farm, he will still dominate.  You basically can always use luke, unless maybe you go up against a mortar farm.  Then, I’d either use chewie or Han.

Below is a picture of a standard deployment vs a semi-dominant burst turret base.  The key is dropping shields, but having luke lead the charge.  How do you do that?  This is how.  Drop heavies/meds first to clear buildings in front.  Then, drop sharps and hails in the back:



Once some of the buildings are cleared, drop Luke.  Try to drop him either in line with the heavies or in front if possible at this point.  As soon as you drop him, attach a medic droid to him.



Since Luke is faster than the heavies, and has a shorter range than sharps or Hails, he will charge ahead with his med.  By this time your heaves should have either dropped the first shield or are about to.  Ideally, turrets will focus on him.  You have to watch his power closely at this point.  As soon as he gets to around 33% power left, activate the lightsaber.  Timing is key when they start firing, a bunch of level 8 bursts firing on him will drop his power quick.  Be ready to activate it.

As the base gets penetrated, I air strike as needed and drip in medics as needed.  But, in the middle of the battle, I also keep a close eye on Luke’s power.  Watch his ability to re-use his lightsaber again.  Once ready, he can activate it again when he gets fired on mid-battle.  See below:


Notice how his power is down, then time for the lightsaber, round 2!




The next series of pics shows how on a burst farm and an un-trippable SC filled with black droids, you can still come out with a 1 star and take all of his credits.  After reviewing this replay though, I think I would have done better from either the south corner to minimize exposure of turrets and give my heavies a better chance once luke went down.

With burst farms, it’s imperative you have luke lead.  So, different than the above base, I deploy luke with a medic droid first for burst farms, such as below:


Then, while all hell breaks lose on Luke, I drop heavies to drop the buildings and shields.




On this next series, this is how I used him to take down an un-trippable SC loaded with snipers.  Theoretically, this should also work against an ATAT in the SC, too.  However, I will preface that I still prefer bases that I can’t trip the SC.  If the base has a lot of credits or whatever you are looking for (i.e. alloy or contraband), then it’s worth attacking with Luke.  Otherwise, these bases are still skips.

Before deployment, it’s highly recommended to draw out the droideka and take it out first before dropping heavy/med/hails/luke.  Otherwise, your sharps/droideka will chase after the droideka on the other side of the base and not the SC troops.  After droideka is taken out, deployment is similar to the first attack set.  Drop heavies/meds/sharps/hails to clear buildings and drop shields.  It’s especially important to clear buildings first.  I’ll explain below.


Then, deploy luke in the front or in line with heavies:


After luke is deploywed, I would deploy the droideka.  Once the SC snipers come out, ideally, they start firing on luke.  Activate his lightsaber when he’s down to 33% again.  Timing is key with his power, as it can be drained very quickly.


Then, as Luke is deflecting fire from the SC snipers, hopefully the heavies and your sharps and droideka are not clearing anymore buildings and have taken down at least 1 shield and are shooting shooting at the SC troops.



Power of Luke.  There is no imp base that you should fear once you know how to use Luke.  The above examples are also him at level 7!!  Wait until I have him at level 8!  It will almost be unfair for the imps.  Haha.




One thought on “Luke is a beast! Attacking with Luke – 3/2015

  1. With the lightsaber move, I’m still getting the hang of when to use it the 2nd time and when to let him keep attacking a little longer. Sometimes he can take out a couple more key turrets that will allow the rest of your troops to win. Sometimes there’s so little time left that he won’t have time to do anything after he stops spinning. But sometimes he can effectively draw fire while your hails and sharps continue attacking from behind. Using him definitely takes practice and more strategy.


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