Banthas 15 Minutes of Fame

With this weekend’s mini-tournament featuring banthas and dewbacks (the Imp counterpart), let’s focus on banthas a little bit.

The devs have long said that they wanted to bring balance to the units used for attacks. They’ve said that the overwhelming majority of troops used in Rebel attacks are med droids and heavies, and for good reason. Most other troops are useless in comparison.

With the recent client side update, they added the ability to buff or nerf individual troops without having to do more client side updates. This is a huge step in making the more useless troops useful once again.

Most Rebels rarely, if ever, use banthas. They used to be great at taking hits and knocking down walls.

Banthas do still have a 300% buff versus walls and moderate damage to other units. The best feature in their favor is their unit capacity. With a unit capacity of 2, let’s compare what 5 banthas would do compared to 2 heavies.

Against walls, it’s no competition. Banthas would do 8x the damage as the heavies, and that’s not counting the splash damage.

Even against shield generators, 5 banthas would do 1.5x more damage than heavies, and heavies have a 175% buff versus shields.

Against turrets, HQ, and resource generators banthas would do 2.7x the damage as heavies. Infantry and vehicles are a different matter. Heavies dole out twice the damage than the banthas. The heavies’ range of 7 is far superior than the 2 from banthas.

The individual health of each bantha and heavy is equal, but again the unit capacity makes the overall health 2.5x greater.

We have two squadmates (Porkins and iPadJuan) who have used banthas effectively in combination with, and not instead of, heavies. So, with this weekend’s mini-tournament featuring banthas, I’d encourage my fellow Rebels to take them for a spin.


2 thoughts on “Banthas 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. After trying to use banthas for about a dozen battles, I gave up… for now. They’re a totally different beast than the other troops and they take some getting used to . Besides that, my banthas are only level 5 since I was at HQ 5 the last time I used them. They’re researching up to level 6 now. Level 5 banthas just don’t stand a chance against level 8 turrets.


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