Troop Slang

Rebel Soldier – rebs, regs, buckets, bucketheads, goons, rebs.

Wookiee Warrior – Wooks, Wookiees.

Bantha Rider – Snuffleupagus, snuffies

Medic Droid – meds, Doc.

Heavy Soldiers – Fatties, fatsos, heavies, hvy.

Rebel Sharpshooter – Sharps, snipers, ss, slims, bullseyes, dead eyes, the Earp brothers.

Kessen and Sharpshooter combo – The firing squad

Jetpack Troopers – Roos, jetpacks, jets, kangaroos.

AT-AP Walker – Chickens, thunder chickens.

Juggernaut – Juggs

Rebel Hailfire Droid – Hails, hf, hfd

AT-RT Walker – Rez chicken, dino, resource chicken.


2 thoughts on “Troop Slang

  1. Banthas- Skuffies

    Heavies- Terminators, Jesse Venturas (The Predator), Weed Trimmers, Rainforest Cutters.

    Sharpshooters- Sharpies, guys with really really really good aim, JFK’s fate, American Sniper, Lee Harvy Oswald.

    Banthas- Skuffies, Tatooine Bunnies, Fat Stinky Beasts.

    Skiffs- Skiffies, Skiffarinos, Skiffinskies, Skiffrooskies.

    There is more but I g2g! Peace!


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