Favorite Loadout

unittransportWith Chewie I use 8 heavies, 7 meds, 6 regs, 1 sharp, and 1 hailfire. I used to use more heavies and fewer meds, but it was taking too long to build my loadout. – King Dave

With chewie I go 6 regs 5 meds 9 heavies and jugg. – Half Breed

I go 4 heavies, 5 meds, 1 sharpshooter, 1 wookie, 4 regs, 1 jugg and 2 hails. Works best with Chewie but still works well with Leia. So if I’m really pushing the attack rate, I alternate between heroes. – Stevious

For Chewy I have been using: 1 jugg, 8 heavies, 5 meds, 3 regs and 1 sharp. – Archangel

I use chew, 13 hevs, 6 meds and 7 regs and do really well consistently. – Maverick

My load out on 96 troops is 12 fatsos (heavies), 5 docs (meds), 3 buckets (regs) and 1 slim (sharpshooter). On level 7, with 3 lvl 6 racks (barracks) and 1 lvl 7, and Chewy taking 4:30 secs to retrain, my troops are ready within 30 secs of Chewy popping out the oven. The 3 lvl 6 racks are loaded with fatsos, the lvl 7 has a fatso preloaded, then 5 docs, slim and 3 buckets. Once the heavy drops off, I add it to the back end, and the same with all the other troops. – iPadJuan


2 thoughts on “Favorite Loadout

  1. Quick build load out (3-4min build between attacks):
    7 heavies, 7 meds, 1 wookie (for SC tripping), 5 regs, 2 hails, 1 rez chicken. For hero I rotate between Chewie, Han or Kessen depending on enemy base.


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